Have Your Say!

We want you to ‘Have Your Say’ about the new village hall.

It can be about anything you fancy, including what you like or maybe suggestions how the village hall could be better or answering somebody else’s comments.

So let’s get writing and start some threads!


  1. Lynn Fox

    Does any know which ‘what three words’ (via the phone etc app) can be used to define the hall location please? Many thanks

  2. keithstern1

    Hi Lynn. I’m Keith Watts and run this website and picked up your question about ‘what three words’ defines VH location? To be honest, I had never heard of this way of describing a location! I Googled it and now know about ‘what three words’. Not sure I understand it though?? The three words for the Village Hall location are … reminder.grief.tram. Although the map is not updated enough to show the Village Hall. Thank you for teaching me a new thing! Keith


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